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Self Drive Minibus Hire

Public transport is always an option, but if you are the type of person to value your privacy, it is the last thing you would go for. Surely, sharing a train ride with a bunch of strangers is not how you had envisioned your trip to go. Of course, you can always take the cab option, but that is only if you have money to burn. Even then, that does not entirely take care of the privacy factor. After all, the taxicab driver is a stranger, no matter how chatty he gets.

We invite you to take a chance with us, Minibus Windsor. You may choose our minibus hire with driver service where you will be assigned a driver who is so friendly that you'd think you've known him prior to your arrival in Windsor. You will be put at ease, knowing you will be in the company of someone you can trust throughout your trip. However, even then, we are still very much aware that there could still be privacy and trust issues. To address this, we have the self drive minibus hire option.

Instead of assigning one of our drivers to you, you get to put your own driver behind the wheel. That takes care of the privacy and trust issues, once and for all. This is also our way of showing to you that, even if we provide the physical ride, the control over your trip is still in your hands. You are on a business trip and you don't want to risk any information being leaked out? A self drive minibus it is, then.

We have but one condition before we will allow our customers to take the wheel of any of our minibuses. We do not require a full familiarity with Windsor routes and streets, but basic knowledge of the lay of the land and some navigational skills on the part of the customers' chosen driver would be much appreciated. It goes without saying that we will not allow anyone who is not licensed and qualified to drive our minibus. Thus, we need proper identification of the driver, as well as proof of his driving qualifications. Give us your assurance that you will take care of our minibus, and we will give you our trust that you will do so.

You see, we will not assign just any minibus to you. Minibus Hire Windsor is known all over the region for our quality minibuses that we get only from the best vehicle manufacturers and maintain with the highest standards. Before assigning a minibus to our customers, we make sure they have been checked and given the "good to go" signal by our engineers and technicians. The establishment of the Minibus Hire Windsor's maintenance workshop is proof of how we take this seriously.

We also guarantee that you will be immensely pleased at the steps we have taken to make you ride more comfortable and luxurious. Aside from tweaking the minibus roof to slide open to allow for some sightseeing, we have also installed drink coolers inside the minibuses. A high tech entertainment system is set up in each minibus so you could still enjoy great music and possibly even watch a show or two while taking a ride through Windsor.

Take advantage of this chance to enjoy Windsor while having full control of your trip. Try out the self drive minibus hire service of Minibus Hire Windsor.

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