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When you are exploring a town that is closely related to royalty – both then and now – isn't it only fitting that you would also expect to be treated like one? Short of being served by footmen, you'd want to experience the VIP treatment, even when we're simply talking about the mode of transport that you would use while going around town, exploring this picturesque town and basking in its sense of history. You may no longer be able to ride a horse-drawn carriage, but we at Minibus Hire Windsor will provide the next best thing: a Windsor minibus from our much esteemed fleet.

If you are in doubt of our claims to be the best, we invite you to make comparisons of our company and our services with our peers in the business. Quality, affordability and customer service are three of the main things customers usually seek in their transport service provider. On all counts, Minibus Hire Windsor is superior in every way.

When we speak of "quality" with respect to Minibus Hire Windsor, this encompasses the physical appearance and the actual performance of our fleet on and off the road. No one will regret being seen in a Windsor minibus owned by Minibus Hire Windsor for the simple reason that we have the best-looking minibuses in town. Well-kept and well-maintained, they are reminiscent of the horse-drawn carriages of old, which carried their passengers with great dignity and elegance. Like a tireless horse, our engines and systems undergo regular checks and maintenance inspections by our ever-vigilant maintenance team. You don't have to worry about breakdowns or malfunctions because problems are nipped in the bud before they can even fully materialize.

Even the added features that we have put into place in the interest of personalization (partly) have all been with only one objective in mind: the give you a quality ride in term of convenience and comfort. Our drink coolers are meant to supply you with refreshments throughout your trip, whereas the entertainment system that each minibus is set up with is designed to amuse, entertain or even provide some momentary distraction from you when everything you see outside in Windsor starts to be overwhelming.

Next, we move on to the affordability aspect. Naturally, it would be ingrained in customers to opt for the cheap minibus hire Windsor offers. Believe it or not, Minibus Hire Windsor has the lowest prices in town for our range of services. Whether you choose to hire a minibus with driver or you go for a self drive minibus, or you avail of airport minibus hire or a coach hire for your large contingent of people coming over to Windsor on business, you will be offered the most competitive prices. Instantly you know that you are getting the best deal for your money.

And, speaking of best deals, you will be accorded the amount of respect that you, as Minibus Hire Windsor customers, deserve. To serve our customers' every need, our minibus with driver service makes it a point to assign only the most capable and most reliable driver to them. Are you afraid that you will spend a lot of time with an unfriendly driver? Don't worry, our drivers are so friendly and outgoing that you will enjoy every minute of your time spent with them. They have been living in Windsor all their lives, so you should definitely take advantage of their breadth of knowledge about this royal town. You no longer need a professional tour guide if you have a driver provided by Minibus Hire Windsor.

We have already made mention of our maintenance team, who is left the responsibility of making sure all our minibuses are running smoothly. All of them come with the necessary qualifications and accompanying trainings that make them the best in the profession, whether they are engineers or they are technicians. Similarly, the rest of our personnel conduct themselves with grace, confidence and professionalism toward their work and toward our customers. Our support services team does exactly that: provide support.

And it is not only in providing transport solutions that we excel in. We are proud to say that we have been in this business for a long time and now we have the power to steer you in the right direction when you need something specific in town. If you haven't booked a hotel yet, just ask our drivers to take you to the best hotels with the most affordable rates. Getting the best deals in town would also mean you'd be able to save more money and use it for shopping as your driver brings you to the shops and restaurants at the Windsor Royal Station, or the shopping thoroughfare Peascod Street. .

Treat yourself and your group to a once-in-a-lifetime experience by going on a trip to Windsor. Let Minibus Hire Windsor take you there.

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